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Client Testimonies

At this very moment we are in the midst of registration for the Idaho FCCLA State Leadership Conference. What a difference it makes to have online registration through DLG Enterprises! Although four other student organizations in our office already use DLG, I was apprehensive about trying to learn a complicated online system and worried that it might be cumbersome for the teachers to use. Three things dispelled my concerns: the technical support I received (and continue to receive); a "guided tour" through the program; and finally, reports from the teachers telling me the program was very "user friendly." The very reasonable cost of this program has made our board of directors happy, too!

--Nancy Spratt, Secretary, State Office, Idaho FCCLA

It was a great day for North Carolina TSA when we contracted with DLG Enterprises to provide On-line Registration services for our state conferences. The personalized service provided by Don and Jesse continues to be outstanding. The answers to all my questions are just a phone call or e-mail away.

The customized registration process meets our specific needs and includes a fantastic Conference Management System. The headaches are gone; the reports and labels are easy to print, the registration process can be monitored, and adjustments are easily made at any point in the registration process. You can’t beat the price or the service!

--Kathleen Squibb, NCTSA State Advisor

I work with 6 Career Technical Student Organizations and the DLG online registration system is by far some of the best that I have used. It is easy to set up and easy for my local advisors to register! The technical support is excellent. I can call at anytime and receive quick, friendly technical support and it’s FREE! For the reasonable price of the software I encourage anyone to try it out!

--Christine Phipps, New Mexico BPA

Hello TSA corporate members and state advisors,

Last winter national TSA became a client of DLG Enterprises, Inc., a business for designing, developing, manufacturing and licensing on-line conference/competition registration and management software. As a result, DLG provided TSA with a very successful online registration system for the 2007 national TSA conference held in Nashville last June. This fall DLG is once again serving national TSA by providing online chapter membership affiliation. It is very rare that I recommend to you (TSA state advisors and corporate members) a product or service. What may work for TSA at the national level, may not necessarily be a match for state TSA delegations. However, it is without reservation that I ask you to consider DLG. I realize that numerous state TSA delegations are already a client of DLG. Many of you have shared with me your satisfaction with DLG. I encourage those of you to reply to this message with a brief testimonial allowing others to know about the great product and service DLG provides for your state conferences. Please know that national TSA does not receive a royalty for any business it leads to DLG. We simply believe this is a quality professional company with excellent customer service that provides an outstanding and affordable product. Know also that there is no DLG linkage, nor does there plan to be, between national TSA and state TSA delegations. Don Goolsby and Jesse Castleberry look forward to supporting your state conference data management program. Visit DLG’s web site at www.registermychapter.com and click on the links on the main menu to learn more about DLG. Don may be contacted at 863/956-3349 or at Don@RegisterMyChapter.com. Even though fall has just began, planning for spring state conferences will soon be upon you. Consider having DLG Enterprises, Inc. make this important undertaking effortless for you. Thank you.


Dr. Rosanne T. White, Executive Director Technology Student Association
1914 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191
703-860-9000 (o) | 703-758-4852 (f) | 888-860-9010 (toll free)
rwhite@tsaweb.org | www.tsaweb.org

Kansas TSA has used DLG Enterprises for our on-line registration for both Fall Leadership and State Conferences in the past few years. We have been extremely pleased with the service they have provided. The features offered and the assistance in maneuvering through these features is wonderful. They are always willing to listen to new ideas and help prefect their already awesome program. The personal assistance from Don and Jesse is personable and GREAT!!! It is an excellent service for the price as well! We will continue to use DLG. We are very pleased with National TSA using DLG for the on-line affiliation process this year!

--Carolyn Cole - Kansas TSA

I have had the privilege of working with Don Goolsby and other DLG employees over the past five years in my role as the Polk County Technology Education Supervisor and the Florida TSA Chairman of the Board of Directors. More recently in my retirement, I have worked with DLG as the Executive Director of Florida TSA and this year as the FL TSA Conference Manager. Currently Florida TSA utilizes a DLG system for registration at our annual state conference and competitions in April. We also use the CMS (Conference Management System) for on-site data management.

I have found the DLG on-line registration and conference management systems to be very strong in two important areas.

  • DLG products have been very well designed to fit 100% of the registration and conference needs for Florida TSA.
  • DLG support is timely and efficient. DLG is willing to customize and satisfy the individual requirements of our state organization. Most of the time these changes are made without additional charges above the annual per student charge.

Over the years FL TSA has had a number of different support staff to run the DLG systems. DLG has provided the needed training and help without additional expenses above the annual charge.Last year I recommended that National TSA consider DLG for their affiliation and conference registration systems since Florida TSA was 100% satisfied. As a result I was very pleased this year to be working with the new DLG system for national affiliation. Information is more accurate this year and timely as well.The Florida TSA Board of Directors has indicated that they will support the addition of a new registration system this year for the Florida TSA Fall Leadership Conference. It is without reservation that I endorse DLG with their courteous, professional and dependable services.

--Michael Bachman, FL TSA Conference Manager

Business Professionals of America, Iowa Association, has used DLG Enterprises, Inc. programming service for the past five years. We find it fits our needs quite well. Service provided is exemplary. Programmers respond to our questions and challenges quickly and efficiently (I think they must work 24/7!). We've never been made to feel that we asked a"dumb" question or requested the impossible. The Business Professional Educators Executive Council made the decision to use this software. It was a cost effective, wise decision.

--Sally Beezley, Conference Coordinator

I have been a supporter of DLG's Conference Management System from the start. If you are not using their product to manage your state conference then you are working harder than you need to. I can't imagine trying to do our conference with pencil and paper as it was done before using their management software. Ease of use is great, I can take someone with no experience what so ever and in less than an hour have them managing all aspects of our conference. Customer support is outstanding and they are never further away than a phone call.

--Ben Scheierman, Education Specialist/TSA State Director

Our experience with DLG has been wonderful. The staff is helpful and responsive to our questions. They’ve been able to tailor our Membership Registration System and Conference Registration System to our specific needs at no extra cost. Moving from a paper-based to on-line system was seamless with DLG, and our members tell us that their delighted with the ease they experience in using the system, too.”

--Jennifer Dunkle , Director of Educational Programs, Business Professionals of America (National Group)

Working with DLG enterprises to establish a registration system for our DECA Career Development Conference has provided us the flexibility to customize our registration needs with the most efficient process possible. The personalized level of tech support was the "icing on the cake". Any time we had questions, they were always answered.

-- Ida Fryhover, Program Specialist, Marketing Education, Oklahoma DECA advisor. ifryh@okcareertech.org